Review Process

Double-blind peer review

All articles accepted for publication will be subject to a double-blind review before publication. In the event that the two reviewers disagree in their opinions, a third reviewer will be solicited. To ensure an anonymous review process, the author has to submit a separate submission cover sheet, which will not be given to the reviewers. Moreover, the author should make sure that throughout the text no information is provided about him/herself. Only the members of the editorial team know the identity of both the author and the reviewers.

Ghostwriting and guest authorship prevention procedures

To prevent any cases of academic misconduct, Legatio follows procedures consistent with the guidelines of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to protect against ghostwriting and guest authorship. Ghostwriting is defined as when someone has made a substantial contribution to a publication and their participation as an author has not been revealed or when his/her role has not been described in the acknowledgments. Guest authorship (or honorary authorship) occurs when the declared author's contribution is insignificant and does not merit his/her being accredited as the author.

By submitting a text for publication in Legatio the contributors declare that the individuals disclosed as authors are the only persons who have made an important contribution to the article.

If necessary, contributors are required to:

1.   submit a declaration of authorship specifying the contribution of individual authors (to concepts, principles, methods, etc. used in the paper) and their affiliations. The main responsibility lies with the author submitting the publication (the declaration template is available on the website of the journal).

2.   to provide information about funding sources and the financial contributions of research institutions, associations, and other entities to the publication.

Every discovered instance of ghostwriting, guest authorship or plagiarism will be documented and reported to the appropriate institutions (i.e. entities where the authors are employed).